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Do you HATE steady state cardio? Hate the stair master the most? Well…try spicing it up so you’re not just looking straightforward for 20 minutes or more.

Here are 5 step options I came up with that help sculpt every part of your abs. With this little 5 step rotation, it honestly made the stairmaster my favorite steady state cardio option.


1. Set the Stairmaster mode to manual and mid-range speed or intensity.
(Do Each Variation for 4-5 Minutes)
2. Face forward and walk at a steady pace, doing your best to not use the handles.
3. After 4-5 minutes, turn and face your left, grab a handle with your right hand and proceed to skip a step.
4. Repeat step 3 by turning to your other side, and grabbing the handle with your left hand and proceed to skip a step.
5. Face forward and angle your toes inward to feel your lower abs crunching.
6. Lean forward and grab the handles and skip a step. Taking long strides, feeling the abs crunch and elongate.
7. Once you have gone through all of the variations, repeat and decrease the time of each to match the amount of time left in your cardio session.

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