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Body Mountain

Build lean, quality muscle, without the stress on your lower back or joints.

Are you wanting to sculpt muscle, and shred fat at the same time? This is just one exercise of many from my 6 Week Summer Sculpt Program.

1. Setup in a squat rack, racks toward the bottom of the rack or cage, the goal is to have the barbell rest below your knees.
2. Place Barbell on rack and add starting weight.
3. Take band and run through, or underneath the plates (plates with a hole are preferred), run it from one side of the barbell, underneath all the way under the racks, and onto the other side of the barbell.
4. Stand with feet just inside shoulder width apart, and grab the barbell just outside your feet.
5. Drop butt, arch the lower back inward, bring your chest up and look forward.
6. Stand up, keeping the back flat/arched in, and stand up tall, all the way, and flex the back at the top. Squeeze all of the back muscles possible for 2-5 seconds, then lower back down in reverse the way you picked it up.
7. Repeat.

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