What He Just Did to the Treadmill is Insane…You’ve Gotta See This

Sooo the treadmill has come a loooong way.

You may not have known this, but one of the very first uses of the treadmill was actually for prisoners in the 1800s.  No, they weren’t actually that concerned about the prisoners’ health or well being.  It was actually for the sake of power!

Treadmill 2

(Actually, more or less looks like the first stair master if you ask me. But hey, both good for fasted cardio.)

This process was actually developed by Sir William Cubitt in 1817, as a way to make use of prisoners and saving England money by providing power to the mills, and keeping the working class working. The prisoners had to hold on to a bar above their heads and walk on paddles which ultimately turned a large wheel and powered the mills.

Sooo, yes, for those of you who say the treadmill is torture, perhaps we have give you a slice of reasoning behind your statement.

BUUUT  NOOOoww  jump ahead about 200 years to 2015 and instead of simple walking out our front door, we DRIVE fifteen minutes to WALK for thirty minutes.  Yes, we as humans do this.  BUT with the year 2015 also comes some advancing in our ability to walk on a treadmill.

NOW Ladies and Gentlemen, we can walk on our treadmills and actually be somewhere by the end of our 30 minutes of cardio.

See for yourself what Mr. Bruin Bergmeester has invented in his spare time; the “Lopifit.”

Gone our the days of walking on the treadmill day dreaming and never reaching anywhere other than the end of the animated track circle, only to find ourselves in the exact same place. Now you can walk outside on your daily trail…on a treadmill.


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