The Natural Bodybuilder on Growth Hormone – Wait what?

In case you didn’t know there is a taboo drug that many people in the bodybuilding community take, one of many; growth hormone. This can be dangerous especially with taking other performance enhancing drugs (STEROIDS!) However, there is something not everyone knows as well, GROWTH HORMONE IS ALREADY AVAILABLE IN YOUR BODY, you just have to WORK FOR IT!! Mike O’Hearn is known for his claim to be an all natural bodybuilder. Yet, he’s shredded as can be, and strong as He-Man. In this video, he discusses how deadlifts release a considerable amount of natural growth hormone in the body. (BUT just think about that again for a second. FREE GROWTH HORMONE…IN YOUR BODY. All you have to do is work for it!)

And we know this man does not shy away from such lifts. In fact, they are a staple to his coined, “Power bodybuilding” regiment. But of course, that’s not all. It’s decades of consistency and grueling work and understanding proper nutrition and nutrient timing, I’m sure he understands the benefits of insulin response and keeping it sensitive for continued growth, along with the continual heavy training. He divulges a WEALTH of information in this popular video, that explains so much of how he’s attained such an incredible, strong, functional physique.

Personally, I’ve learned a lot from Mike O’Hearn just watching his videos, and they have helped me tremendously with increasing my mass and strength. The deep tissue, heavy pump is simply the best…my favorite.


If you aren’t deadlifting, squatting, or doing heavy benching, you absolutely need to start NOW. Everyone should never neglect these fundamental lifts in their weight training, no matter who you are.
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And who better to learn proper technique and some great pointers from than from the Bodybuilding, powerlifting, martial arts training master, Mike O’Hearn himself. This raw and real video with Mike O’Hearn and WBFF Pro Rob Riches really makes you feel like you could be there in the gym with them watching from behind the camera.

Thanks Mike O’Hearn and Rob Riches for helping educate and inspire all of us! Keep doing your thing!

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