Holly Holm Serves some Humble Pie – Tears of Joy After becoming New Champion

I seriously had some tears start to creep up as I watched this. So refreshing to see not only a class act champion, but such incredible humility and authenticity.
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Before the fight, I was put off seeing Ronda Rousey be so awfully arrogant and then even during the fight, Rousey didn’t touch gloves! Oh, I wanted her to get knocked around so good.
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After the weigh-ins I talked with my sister who is a jiu jitsu champion and in the fighter world, and it was cool hearing her talk about how the fighter community really knew how good Holly Holm is, and how she would actually, probably win it.

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After the fight, I personally couldn’t help but think of Rocky 3 when Mickey has to inform Rocky that all of his title defenses were not “real fighters” when discouraging him from fighting Clubber Lang, “They was good fighters, but they wasn’t killers like this one, he’ll knock ya ta tomorrow, Rock!” Personally can’t help but wonder if the UFC built Ronda up so much in her head, and made her out to be a little better than perhaps she is, making a superstar I’m sure made them A LOT of money.

But it was great to see a real fighter, doing her thing. You could tell with Holly’s spirit, conditioning, and tactic, there’s a world of fighters out there the naive regular world has not seen or even been aware of. I’m sure the fighter community was excited to see one of their own rise the ranks and have the opportunity to not only show what can be done, but absolutely dominate.


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In case you didn’t get the chance to see Holly’s class act, humility, and professionalism, check out this post fight interview and experience an emotion better than the ending of a sports drama feature film. Here’s what hard work, consistency, focus, and a real role model looks like after becoming a champion.
Congratulations Holly Holm!!



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