Bodybuilder or Strongman? Who Wins?

So bodybuilders can get a bad rap for only being concerned with aesthetics, and not being very functional, and strongman, can get the reputation of not maximizing muscle growth. Personally, I think you should do both! With my style of training, I incorporate powerlifting and strongman exercises, but I’m personally a bodybuilder. There are benefits[…]

The Natural Bodybuilder on Growth Hormone – Wait what?

In case you didn’t know there is a taboo drug that many people in the bodybuilding community take, one of many; growth hormone. This can be dangerous especially with taking other performance enhancing drugs (STEROIDS!) However, there is something not everyone knows as well, GROWTH HORMONE IS ALREADY AVAILABLE IN YOUR BODY, you just have[…]

Bodybuilding Rock Climber Fixes Scoliosis Himself

I’ve have a handful of clients tell me of different back pains they’ve had before we ever start training. One that actually seems slightly common, and a more serious case, is scoliosis. What is scoliosis? “Scoliosis is a disorder of the spine in which the vertebrae rotate, creating a curve in the upper or lower[…]

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