Bodybuilding Rock Climber Fixes Scoliosis Himself

I’ve have a handful of clients tell me of different back pains they’ve had before we ever start training.

One that actually seems slightly common, and a more serious case, is scoliosis.

What is scoliosis?

“Scoliosis is a disorder of the spine in which the vertebrae rotate, creating a curve in the upper or lower back.” – Baylor Scoliosis Center

Basically, the spine is curved, when it should be straight.








This can cause some serious back pain, and in some severe cases, a very visible and unflattering effect.  If you google, “severe scoliosis”, you probably wont like what you see, so I didn’t bother actually putting those pictures in this article, but there are certainly more severe cases than what these pictures reflect.


So how does scoliosis occur?

“The causes for scoliosis are not entirely understood. In fact, according to the Scoliosis Research Society, a specific cause is not found in 8 of every 10 cases. While many cases of scoliosis are thought to be genetic, there is no single cause that is widely agreed upon.” -Baylor Scoliosis Center


Personally as a trainer, a few of the cases I’ve seen have been from clients who had a gymnastics background, and abruptly stopped participating, or practicing the sport. My assumption would be the constant bending and flexibility of the spine, then suddenly stopping, not keeping up the strength in the erector spinae muscles, the spine can get loose, after it’s been used to bending and flexing for so long, without the muscles surrounding it to keep it steady, it morphs into a curved form. That’s my honest guess.

SOOOooo! How does this apply to weight training and to rock climbing??

Well, glad you asked. Tucker is my very good friend, who really introduced me to rock climbing as part of a workout routine and its benefits that transfer into weight training. Tucker is one of the people I know that came from gymnastics as a kid, and stopped in early adolescence. But the man is constantly learning and applying new things, to everything he does, and certainly health and fitness. Watch as he talks about how he fixed his spine and how it can greatly improve not only your grip and back strength, but your hips, mobility, and muscular endurance.

Casually one day we recorded this video while rock climbing.

At Body Mountain, we’re about incorporating all areas and aspects of health and fitness.  It’s not about just getting a 6 pack or benching over 300lbs, but continuing to study, learn, and apply everything we learn to continue to make our bodies better.  You have to love the journey, it’s never about just getting to the top of one mountain, then never climbing again.

At Body Mountain, we teach you the lifestyle, and you grow to love climbing and continue to reach new heights and goals.


Baylor Scoliosis Center


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