The Best Abdominal Exercise You’re Not Doing

Reidland demonstrates one on the most effective abdominal exercises you can do, the perfect type of flexion for abs and causing them to do what they’re designed for, to stabilize. By the way you should follow @BodyMountain on Instagram for more private and exclusive content you wont find elsewhere!

I would have to say this is probably my favorite abdominal exercise. SOO good! #BarbellRollouts #iguess?! Work this into your shoulder or chest day! I love the way these really use your abs for what they're designed for, stabilization. They grind into your medial delt real nice too, as well as pecs, lats, lower traps, & serratus anterior. I incorporated this into a circuit to burnout my #DeltDungeon. 3-4 circuits of hi volume shoulder exercises with sets of 15 on these then stand up & use it for upright rows. You can always throw a bi or tri exercise in the circuit too! YeeUH! #fitness #bodybuilding #abs #delts #shoulders #barbell #abdominalassylum #powerlifting #fitlife #fitfam #gymlife #sweaty #rockclimbing #crossfit #health #BodyMountain

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