What This Elf Just Did To Christmas Changes Everything

If bodybuilder elves were real and could give the gift of GAINS for Christmas…WAIT! WHUUT?! They can? Here’s the deal…if you’re going to film a commercial with elves being bodybuilders, chances are, you’re going to have to cast some REAL bodybuilders. One of those jacked and shredded elves in this humorous Best Buy commercial happens[…]

Does Ronda Rousey have an eating disorder? – This is Crazy

Ever catch yourself wondering, “Why does Ronda Rousey look so lean at the weigh-ins, or even small, and then, a day later….look, kinda CHUUBY??” Well, being a personal trainer, I’ve actually been asked this question, on this particular circumstance more than once. There’s a few things your should know. Your body changes more than you[…]

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