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Body Mountain is about learning to enjoy the journey. Everyone has a different path, a way to climb to the top of their mountain. Many people see a picture of the top of their mountain; they see someone shredded on stage, a powerlifter deadlifting over 700lbs, a Crossfitter breaking that PR, or simply fitting into a pair of pants or feeling comfortable in a swimsuit. Everyone has a different vision of what the top of the mountain looks like. It's easy to become fixated just on what that view from the top must feel and look like. Then looking up from the prairies, at this daunting, sharp, massive, yet beatutiful mountain, you think to yourself, "There's no way I could ever get to the top. I don't know the way, or even how to climb." Body Mountain is here to guide you up the mountain, we climbed it many times, taking many paths. We're here to show you it's not about the destination, you must learn to love climbing mountains. You must to learn to love the journey. Fitness is a lifestyle. And no matter who you are, our Body Mountain Guides are here to help you, and show you all aspects of fitness to meet your goals, then before you know it, you will realize you've reached the top, but discover there is yet another mountain to climb. The journey has just begun.


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Reidland Tucker
Reidland Tucker
Body Mountain Founder, Certified Personal Trainer
Reidland Tucker is the founder of Body Mountain and a certified personal trainer. He is a competitive Bodybuilder, but incorporating all areas of fitness into his training; bodybuilding, power lifting, strongman, sprints, yoga, boxing, Krav Maga, and functional or endurance training.
Lindsay Norman
Lindsay Norman
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Group HIIT Fitness Instructor
Lindsay has been training for years and loves training groups in HIIT Cardio and more. She has competed in the NPC as well as marathons and more. She is also an avid Yogi.
Ruben Useche
Ruben Useche
Contest Prep/Bodybuilding Coach
Ruben has won national qualifying bodybuilding shows in the NPC numerous times and just a step away from earning his IFBB Pro Card. He also played professional football in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers.
Tucker Brink
Tucker Brink
Group Class & Yoga Instructor
Tucker is the epitome of Body Mountain. A Certified Personal Trainer, he always continues to explore, learn and apply all styles of training and fitness. From competing in the NPC, strongman, rock climbing, yoga, and more.


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